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Why you shouldn’t buy a Flysky X6B Receiver from Hobbyking!

FlySky users know there’s not a huge number of receiver options with battery telemetry, so when the FlySky X6B started coming available it was only the 2nd such device, the Turnigy branded iA6C being the other.  Unlike the Hobbyking exclusive Turnigy iA6C the FlySky X6B is widely available.  In this post I’ll cover the reality checks needed if you’re buying your FlySky X6B from Hobbyking.

Buying a Flysky X6B

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?  Jump online, spend around USD10 and get yourself a great new receiver that supports iBus, PPM and PWM along with Battery Telemetry!  However there’s a couple of things to take into consideration when buying.

Buying a X6B from Hobbyking:

Buying a X6B from Banggood:

So whats the big deal about the leads?

We all have heaps of JST-SH female plugs laying about from various components, but just how many of us have spare THREE (3) pin JST-SH connectors?  I even bought a bunch of spare JST-SH plugs a while back and never considered buying 3-pin or 2-pin as most FC’s use 4, 6 and 8 pin versions.

X6B with leads
X6B with leads as supplied from

The X6B uses 3-pin 1.0mm pitch JST-SH connectors for iBUS, PPM and the Battery Telemetry, an 8-pin 1.0mm pitch connector is used for PWM.

This means that in the effort of saving around 4-5 weeks of postage buying my FlySky X6B from HobbyKing Australia I’ve ended up needing to go back and spend more money on connectors.  I should have just bought it from Banggood instead!

We need to find something like this:…=JST-SH1.0  but that’s still got the “wrong” connectors on one end (but the larger JST are much easier to work with than the JST-SH)

Other options include:
Pig tails ready to add your own connectors at the other end:…-tail.html
Female 3-pin shells for you to insert your own wiring:…p-pin.html

Other FlySky X6B Resources

The other caveat with the FlySky X6B is the fact that the mounting holes are spaced at pretty much 30.5mm like most flight controllers, but the mounting holes are 2mm not the 3.5mm or so needed to mount into a flight stack with your PDB, ESC and flight controller.  I’ve successfully enlarged the holes with a file, however you do need to watch the clearance between screws heads or mounting posts and the LED (top left in the image below).

X6B Connector Diagram
X6B Connector Diagram


The FySky X6B PDF Users manual is also available – just follow the link below.

FlySky X6B Receiver User Manual

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