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Automotive Detailing

I do a little bit of detailing here and there and have created this page to track some of the cars (usually our own) I do.  I’ll also include some tips and tricks to keeping your car looking great without going all OCD.

My Detailing Tips:

Detailing has grown well beyond washing your car, but that is still the most important part of all detailing.

Master the Wash

When you wash your car you’re not only looking after one of the most expensive “assets” you have, but you’re also telling the world that you respect yourself and your possessions.  It’s no different to wearing clean clothes, or having a neat workplace, people judge you by your car.

I’m a big fan of the “Two Bucket Method” which involves two buckets (duh), a microfibre noodle sponge, quality soap and water.

It looks a bit like this:


Always use Sunscreen

Well sunscreen for you, and some form of finishing sealant/wax for your car.  In the above video right after drain the car you car me go around with a bottle of Mothers Quick Detailer to apply a light layer of protection to the body.  This acts as a first stage barrier to contamination and helps keep the car looking clean.  Products like these help protect other layers of waxes or sealants as well, and “top up” the finish.

Quality products or Boutique Products?

For a car enthusiast it’s easy to justify building up an arsenal of detailing products, and then when you discover sites like AutoGeek, Car Care Products, Detail Central or Waxit (just to name a few) there’s so many brands and products to choose from.  Some are “Over the Counter” brands which you’ll also find in your local auto-store while others are “Boutique” brands available through these specialist retailers.

For my part I firmly believe in using quality “Over the Counter” products until you’re no longer satisfied with the results and want to really go further with your detailing.

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