Project: Quanum Trifecta Drone (Part 2)

The Quanum Trifecta sold through Hobbyking is a circa 295mm Tri-copter that folds for transport yet still carries 8″ propellers.  In my first post I gave a bit of background on the project and following on from that this post will give a rundown of the parts sourced for the build.

There’s also a Forum Thread covering the whole build timeline!

Lets go Shopping

As you’d expect a lot of the parts have come from Hobbyking – but I also took advantage of Banggoods low prices even if their shipping is painfully slow!

What Else?

Not much really – because I’ve already got the great Flysky FSi6S transmitter I’ve only added another receiver.

The SP Racing EVO Clone I’ve got is equipped with a barometer so I’ll be flying with the self-centering sticks Mode-2.  This is going to be the first foray into the world of iNav and I’m looking forward to the new challenges that will bring with it.

Multistar 18A ESC
Multistar 18A ESC
SPF3 EVO Flight Controller
SPF3 EVO Flight Controller


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