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The FlySky FSi6S Transmitter

In my previous posts I’d skipped over the need to buy a new Transmitter as part of my drone build.  After much deliberation and anguish I ordered a FlySky FSi6S  from Banggood based on a killer price.

My build is all about cheap and cheerful, I also wanted enough features to make the transmitter “last”.  The FrSky Taranis gets rave reviews and has heaps of flexibility and community support it’s also over AUD300 which is well outside my budget.  Enter the much lower priced FlySky range, and my ultimate choice.

The FlySky FSi6S

When I started looking at radio gear I was continually struck by how little the “styling” of transmitters has changed over the years.  The FlySky FSi6S is a complete departure from that chunky style with smooth lines and an ergonomic look that screams DJI or Apple rather than just another transmitter.

FlySky FSi6S Package
FlySky FSi6S Package

Now look at the price.  For less than AUD100 you can have a 10 channel transmitter with telemetry features, a matching 6-channel receiver and the phone/tablet holder.

The “Mode 2” Self-centering model was my preferred choice, but really as it turns out you can DIY basically every mechanical function inside the unit.

First Impressions

I took advantage of one of Banggoods regular sales and coupled with that a Discount Coupon for a delivered price of around AUD65.

When it arrived I was amazed at the quality presentation and packaging.  You simply won’t believe you’ve paid so little!

FlySky FSi6S Box
FlySky FSi6S Box

The next step was to attached the Phone/Table holder, insert some batteries and power things up!

Heading over to the FlySky Website and struggling through the Navigation I downloaded a PDF of the Owners Manual and the latest Firmware.  The last bit is important because many of the early reviewers had concerns which are largely addressed in the latest (August 2016) Firmware.

After updating the Firmware the receiver needed to be re-bound to the Transmitter, a process that was quick and simple.

FlySky iA6B Receiver mounted
FlySky iA6B Receiver mounted

The receiver isn’t too bulky and I mounted it towards the end of the frame.

Using the FSi6S

Well my flying skills aren’t up to flying long range missions or even a stable 5 minutes of flight yet.  What I can say is that at no time through my learning process have I even felt that the Transmitter/Receiver combination is letting me down.  The gimbals are smooth, and the inputs delivered to the quadcopter motors match the irregularity as the hands on the controller.

If anything the smooth sides, easy feel and simple interface have made learning to fly more pleasant.  I haven’t descended into second guessing the Transmitter options and I’ve not walked away from yet another poor landing thinking “if only my gear was better”.


The FlySky FSi6S seems to be a very underrated Transmitter with early Firmwares creating enough poor reviews to discourage many buyers.  Now with these issues largely resolved I hope the Community picks it up and takes advantage of the great value.  I know I’ll be flying with it for the foreseeable future!

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