Duratec DBW Guide

Quite a few years ago a friend and I installed a Drive-by-Wire equipped Ford Duratec 2.0L engine into his Birkin Sports Car.  At the time we documented the process and this evolved into a concise wiring guide.

Subsequently there’s been improvements in the processes and increased understanding of how the Duratec engine electronics interact with things that need to be brought up-to-date so this will become the central hub for this information.

Here’s our install getting it’s first start!  As there’s no muffler, no cooling system and the engine hadn’t been run since being pulled from the donor car it wasn’t really smart to do much more than start it at that stage.

Linked below are posts that correspond to the original guides sections.

1. About the Duratec

2. About the Wiring Guide

3. Donor Vehicle Connector Locations

4. Connector Pinouts

5. Block Diagram

6. Circuit Schematic (Basic)

 There are some later revisions to this basic version of the documentation including notes on utilising the Ford Focus integrated fuel level sender, how to best measure temperature and other instrumentation options.  These will be added in due course.


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