The Who?

I’m just another frustrated IT worker that’s pushing text online trying to not be bound into the confines of Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media sites.  Sure they’re great but by the time I have all my Privacy concerns locked down no-one actually gets to see anything!

The What?

There’s no boundaries here, from product reviews, holiday rambling and cat pictures the intent is to have it all.  Sometimes it’ll be poignant, other times it’ll be insane.  Let me be honest, I’m sick of perfect lives in perfect Blogs and this is going to be the opposite of that.

My life isn’t perfect and neither will this be!

The Why!

When you break it down all the Social Media sites out there do several things, first they try and be everything to all people, secondly they sort, re-sort and generally obscure your content so that your friends and fans may never seen that super important cat picture.

So the answer is simple, Blogging.  Thanks to the simplicity of WordPress running on my own hosted environment I have some control.  Sure if I didn’t want you to see it I’m not going to write it.  But on the flip-side It’s not going to be hidden from the world just because I don’t want to share my entire Social Media presence with the whole world.

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