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In 1998 Kyosho released the PureTen GP Spider Mk2, a nitro powered 1/10th scale touring car featuring an in-house developed GS11R engine.  On this page you will find a collection of resources that will help you restore and maintain these unique cars.

About ten years ago I was handed a broken Kyosho PureTen Spider Mk2 nitro powered RC car, told it had a stuffed clutch not much else.  At the time I didn’t do anything except set it aside to worry about later.

Roll forward 10 years and I decided to restore it to running condition (there will be more posts on this).  This has proven to be surprisingly difficult as there’s few resources available, lots of dead links and Kyosho doesn’t even provide the manuals online!  It’s like these cars never existed!

Kyosho PureTen GP Spider Mk-II Imprezza WRC Box Art

Instruction Manuals

Kyosho PureTen GP Spider Mk-II 4WD – WRX

Kyosho PureTen GP Spider Mk-II 4WD – McLaren F1 GTR

Exploded Diagram

Kyosho PureTen GP Spider Mk-II 4WD – Exploded Diagram

GS11R Engine

Kyosho GS11R Instructions

Kits and Variations

Kyosho PureTen GP Spider Mk2

# 31832 – AMG Mercedes

# 31831 – McLaren F1 GTR

# 31714 – AMG Mercedes Benz

# 31803 – Ford Escort

# 31935 – Calsonic Skyline

# 31921 – Dodge Ram

# 31801 – Mitsubishi EVO-V

# 31802 – Subaru Impreza WRC

# 31934 – Dodge Viper

Kyosho PureTen GP Spider Mk2 World Cup

# 31805R – World Cup Edition with a GS11R engine

# 31805 – World Cup Edition without an engine.

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  1. We have one that my dad got from my uncle and it hasn’t run in twenty years. I haven’t been able to find anything online about the c-class version we have and it seems pretty rare. Its in really good condition and we’re gonna try to get it running.

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