Part 2: About the Duratec Wiring Guide

About this Guide

This guide has been developed to assist in converting the Ford/Mazda Duratec engines from standard factory configuration to other vehicles. It covers the methods and techniques used to perform a transplant keeping only as much of the donor vehicle wiring as required for successful operation of the engine. Chassis related systems such as donor vehicle lighting, ABS, Air-bags etc. are typically not required for most transplants and are not covered by this guide. The Passive Anti Theft System (PATS) is retained for simplicity and the lack of any proven low-cost techniques to bypass the system.

The guide is specifically based around the conversion of 2006-2009 Ford Focus wiring, however the majority of concepts, connectors and wire colours are the same in the Equivalent range of Mazda3 vehicles.


All engine operating fail-safes are the same as the OEM installation

Engine emissions are controlled at OEM levels

Integrated immobiliser meeting all national standards

Turn-Key OEM reliability


The author of this document and any agent providing this document provides this Document as a resource only. No warranty is offered on the accuracy or appropriateness of the information within this document to your particular circumstances.

As with any technical document many of the concepts described require an appropriate understanding and technical skill. If you do not understand the processes and information described it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional to complete the the procedures described.

Key Principles

The basic control of the vehicles electrical system is carried out by a separate chassis wiring loom. The chassis loom should the following functions;

Lighting (Headlights, Parkers, Indicators etc.)


The Ford Focus/Mazda3 wiring loom is made up of a number of main segments with a number of design features that make it ideal for the conversion.

ECU & Engine sensor wiring are all on the same one piece wiring loom that can be removed from the Engine Bay of the donor vehicle in one piece.

ECU/Engine system wiring terminates via a single fuse/junction box in the engine bay of the donor vehicle.

Only three components in a matched set from one donor vehicle are required for trouble free operation with factory reliability and performance.

Engine Control Unit

Instrument Cluster


The Fuel Pump unit, Accelerator Pedal Unit and PATS Key Reader are not “coded” and can be sourced from an appropriate donor.

The addition of a basic power distribution panel with five relays and associated fuses are all that is needed for successful operation.

In this guide a relay is used in place of the donor vehicle Cooling Fan Control Unit. It is preferable to use the donor vehicle fan controller, however as this is mounted with the cooling fans at the front of the car it is likely to have suffered damage in any frontal impact. The Fan control unit would take the place of the Cooling Fan Relay in this guide.

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