Project: Quanum Trifecta Drone (Part 1)

The Quanum Trifecta sold through Hobbyking is a circa 295mm Tri-copter that folds for transport yet still carries 8″ propellers.  The robust design and sub-AUD50 price making it an ideal choice for my next build.

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Updated to real BLHeli and it’s AWESOME

When I bought these Emax Nano v2 20A ESCs I thought I was getting a bargain.  In hindsight they have been the root of many hours of uncertainty and confusion.  Once the “stock” BLHeli was replaced with the real BLHeli though it all came together. Continue reading Updated to real BLHeli and it’s AWESOME

Lessons from Flying my DIY Quadcopter Badly

The hardest thing about building my own quadcopter from random parts has been the process I’m about to describe.  Using (flying) it.  You see, if like me you’ve never flown anything before you’re going to be starting at the bottom of a steep learning curve. Continue reading Lessons from Flying my DIY Quadcopter Badly

Problems Updating EMAX Nano ESCs

When I ordered all the bits for my first Quadcopter build I didn’t do much due-diligence.  That’s how I ended up spending tens of hours trying to update the BLHeli firmware on the EMAX Nano ESCs.  This post takes you on my journey of frustration and enlightenment. Continue reading Problems Updating EMAX Nano ESCs

The FlySky FSi6S Transmitter

In my previous posts I’d skipped over the need to buy a new Transmitter as part of my drone build.  After much deliberation and anguish I ordered a FlySky FSi6S  from Banggood based on a killer price. Continue reading The FlySky FSi6S Transmitter

Quadcopter Propellers: Another Mystery!

When I embarked upon building my own drone I figured I’d have a lot to learn.  I now know more than I did a few weeks ago, and there’s more and more to understand.  This week I’ve learnt a tiny bit about quadcopter propellers! Continue reading Quadcopter Propellers: Another Mystery!

A quick Quadcopter Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started so here’s a quadcopter update.  I’m yet to turn a screw in the assembly process but have started the long hard road of research.  Yes that’s right I’m doing this backwards.  Research started about 10 minutes after I ordered parts and so far I’ve been lucky…  Continue reading A quick Quadcopter Update

Oops! I need more Quadcopter Parts!

Since my order last from HobbyKing last Sunday the quadcopter parts arrived and I started to do more research on my remaining needs to get myself airborne.

Sadly the killer prices of the “Cats and Drones” sale also ended on Monday so I’ve used the week to compose my thoughts and work out the remaining quadcopter parts required. Continue reading Oops! I need more Quadcopter Parts!

More Quadcopter Technology

As you all know I’ve grabbed up the enthusiasm and started to Build a Quadcopter.  In my first post I outlined some current and future requirements – the primary of which was adding the ability to do GPS guided “missions”.

What I didn’t mention was that I’d snuck a little extra quadcopter technology into my shopping cart as it was a great looking deal!

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