Building a Dirt Cheap 2-Axis Gimbal for Drones

I needed a small, cheap and simple servo operated 2-axis gimbal for my Quadcopter/Drone build.  Barely large enough to mount a GoPro but suitable for many FPV cameras this solution is achievable for around AUD10.00 Continue reading Building a Dirt Cheap 2-Axis Gimbal for Drones

Quadcopter Propellers: Another Mystery!

When I embarked upon building my own drone I figured I’d have a lot to learn.  I now know more than I did a few weeks ago, and there’s more and more to understand.  This week I’ve learnt a tiny bit about quadcopter propellers! Continue reading Quadcopter Propellers: Another Mystery!

A quick Quadcopter Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started so here’s a quadcopter update.  I’m yet to turn a screw in the assembly process but have started the long hard road of research.  Yes that’s right I’m doing this backwards.  Research started about 10 minutes after I ordered parts and so far I’ve been lucky…  Continue reading A quick Quadcopter Update

Oops! I need more Quadcopter Parts!

Since my order last from HobbyKing last Sunday the quadcopter parts arrived and I started to do more research on my remaining needs to get myself airborne.

Sadly the killer prices of the “Cats and Drones” sale also ended on Monday so I’ve used the week to compose my thoughts and work out the remaining quadcopter parts required. Continue reading Oops! I need more Quadcopter Parts!

Megamall Crawling Malaysia!

I’m less into shopping than this post makes me look, however the “Megamall” can be a fascinating adventure for travellers.

On my upcoming Malaysia trip I’ll be trying to hit some of the largest in the world!

Malaysian Megamalls

Malaysia is well represented in the Wikipedia List of Megamalls playing host to 8 in the list while Australia has a single entry.  I’ve already visited a couple on past trips and this time I’m hoping to chalk up a few more!

  1.  1Utama – The largest in Malaysia and the =5th largest in the world
  2. Mid-Valley Megamall – 8th Largest in the world and visited in 2014.  At the time I just thought it was big, now I understand just how big!
  3. Sunway Pyramid – 11th largest and maybe a little out of my way for this trip – but you never know!
  4. Berjaya Times Square – Visited in 2012, 2014 and as it’s almost “over the road” from my accommodation will be visited again in 2015.  In 18th position it’s a sizeable effort to cover!  This is also the 8th largest building in the world!
    Berjaya Times Square
  5. Queensbay Mall – Located in Penang this may be a stretch to fit into my short stay in the area.  However to hit the equal 39th in the worlds largest malls it may be worth the effort!
  6. IOI City Mall – Taking 49th position this mall is in an area that I’ll be trying to visit at least once this trip.  It may be an even adventure after the F1 practice!
  7. AEON Bukit Tingii Shopping Centre – I don’t like my chances of making it to the 55th largest mall, but as my KLIA Ekpres will pass it a few times I may jump off!
  8. Aman Central is oping this year, unfortunately I won’t make it there.