Update – 29th November 2014


With our first full month back online ending I thought I’d take the time to thank everyone for popping back and taking a look around.

While there haven’t been new posts in the Forums it’s obvious to see that the repository of technical information is still appreciated by many.

It’s great to see the Forums still being recognised as holding some of the best Mini-Z and Bit Char-G technical info online.

Myself, I haven’t been so active on the  Forums yet but I am still plugging away slowly behind the scenes working out how to restore some of the attached files and information that make this place what it is.

You can do your bit by sharing the news that is back on other Forums.  Take it to social media or the streets!

Head over to the Forums to share what’s in your R/C Garage now, ask for tips, or post up about racing happening in your area.

How to Log On with your old Username

When we imported the Forums into the new BBPress system we reset all the passwords.  So to get your old username back you’ll need to use your Registered e-mail address on this page to have a new Password generated and e-mailed to you.

Site Updates

I have managed to find in old backups some of our early video contributions from the Bit-CharG days and have uploaded them to YouTube.  You’ll need to check our Forums for a link!

Over the end of year period I’m going to try and get all the old attachment files restored into the forums.  This will be a large amount of work but will be worth the effort as many and central to the quality of our technical posts.


I like to share the updates about bringing back with all of the former members, and every few weeks I’ll be sending out updates like this.  If you feel I’m cluttering up your mail box there’s instructions on how to unsubscribe at the end of this e-mail.

I can’t wait to see you on the Forums

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