Casa del Mar – Langkawi Malaysia

I was kicking back and reading the other day and happened across the short piece on five Langkawi resorts.

Having stayed at the excellent Casa del Mar I felt it was time to add my own views of this amazing resort.  It’s situated in the middle of a long beach, giving you a meaningfully long walk either on sand or the road that parallels, along the road you’ll find shops, resorts, hotels and hostels.

We stayed in a Seaview Suite and yes, as you can see from my pictures they are virtually a match of those on the website.  There’s no trick photography at play.  The suite is very well sized with a private courtyard to the front giving you that extra bit of seclusion from resort life when you want it.

The staff are friendly and we spent many an hour sitting at the poolside bar chatting and inventing new cocktails or adapting old ones.  A Pina Colada made from 100% fresh fruit is amazing!

As the sun sets – and it does so in spectacular fashion – the rest comes back to life with the couples filling the tables for drinks and dinner.  It’s never raucous like some resorts can be and no matter how busy you think it may be the personal service remains.

Langkawi Sunset
Langkawi Sunset

Being a “bit” of a Survivor fan we took a Castaway Picnic with a stop at the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.  The boat ride from the beach was amazing, essentially a small runabout, takes you out into the archipelago and onto other islands.


Castaway Picnic Beach
Castaway Picnic Beach

Overall Casa del Mar offers a unique personalised experience that is easily enjoyed.  Why don’t you check it out for your next luxury escape

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