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When our Japanese holiday itinerary started to look like needing to start in Osaka instead of Tokyo there were a few Low-Cost-Carrier options open to us.  We ended up on a Peach Aviation A320 and couldn’t have been happier.

The Peach Aviation Experience

Known simply as “Peach” they got us and our baggage from Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Osaka (KIX) in around an hour for less than AUD60! each.  This is about half the price of the excellent JR Shinkansen service.  If we had opted for the lowest cost tickets then it was more like AUD30 each!  Stunning value and indicative of a true LCC.

Peach Aviation Check-in Facilities
Peach Check-in Facilities at Osaka (KIX)

One of the first things we learnt about Japan was that “booking early” meant anything from 6 months to 90 days – in this case I signed up to the e-mail Newsletter on the website and tried making bookings until the date we needed to travel was available.

Of the two Fare Types available (Happy Peach & Happy Peach Plus) we chose the fully featured Happy Peach Plus fare giving us flexibility and checked baggage.  Due to the ever changing Jetstar schedule we ended up needing to change the timing of our flights – this was done via the website with zero complications.

Checking In and Taking Off!

The stark and relatively temporary looking check-in area was a bit of a concern when we arrived at Kansai however once the Check-in opened the friendly and Peach staff helped us through (the terminals are multi-lingual) the self-service check-in and then whisked our checked bag away.

Like most Low-Cost-Carriers the on-ground facilities were spartan.  On arrival in Osaka with the luggage collection area more akin to a neat warehouse than an airport.  Still the luggage emerged unharmed and in a timely manner.

Our flight was delayed quite significantly for a “technical issue with the aircraft” – sure thats not ideal the first time you fly with an airline but as the saying goes “sh!t happens”.

In try LCC configuration the A320 wasn’t configured to give passengers a spacious experience, but truth be told it’s no worse than Economy on any of the  domestic carriers I’ve used.

Once in the air we made use of the “Peach Deli” and grabbed some unique snacks and beverages.

Osaka Saku Saku Waffle
Osaka Saku Saku Waffle
Wakayama Orange Juice
Wakayama Orange Juice

It’s clear that Peach Aviation is aiming to make international tourists welcome with the information cards, menus and safety instructions all featuring multiple languages (unlike some other Asian carriers).

All in all it was a great flight in a no-nonsense LCC aircraft configuration, the crew on the plane and on the ground courteous and efficient.

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