Review: Okumizuma Onsen

When we started planning our 2016 trip to Japan we both felt it would be essential to try and stay in some more traditionally Japanese accomodation and couldn’t go past the location and setting we found at Okumizuma Onsen.

Our very first night in Japan turned out to be one where we were able to immerse ourselves into Japan and soak away over 24 hours of planes, trains and automobiles in the natural hot spring baths of Okumizuma Onsen.

Okumizuma Onsen
Driveway and entry to Okumizuma Onsen.

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Review: The Bower at Broulee

The Bower at Broulee is an exclusive couples getaway accommodation on the NSW South Coast.  Our two night stay in one of the self-contained “bowers” lived up to the high expectations and ranks as one of the best short stay holidays we have enjoyed.

Location, Location, Location

The Bower is nestled on a large property with a modest entry marked by a rather significant boulder (The Boulder at Broulee?) with a rustic sign.  Despite all the website notes about it being hard to miss the reality is that once you are looking it’s not difficult to find.  There’s also a map (below) which is pretty self-explanatory.

How to find The Bower

We stayed for two nights (mid-week AUD498) as part of our road-trip along the NSW South Coast and enjoyed the peace and tranquility on offer.  We enjoyed a long walk through the grounds, before emerging on George Bass Drive and making our way along to the town of Mossy Point, before turning south and walking along the waterfront

The Wildlife

One of the consistent features of other reviews of the The Bower is the amazing animal life and our stay was no different.  While the abundant birdlife provided entertainment with the antics of Mr Fluffypants and a myriad of native parrots the arrival one night of a Possum family which was friendly enough to take fruit slices offered to them was a highlight.

Baby Kookaburra - Mr Fluffypants

The Accommodations

The Bowers are scattered over the property in such a way that we only really saw them from a distance while driving on the access road, and some glow at night from the lighting in the trees.  The Bower itself (Premium Spa Bower) is a well designed mini-home with a spacious feel and very high quality finish.

The well appointed kitchen will let you cook just about anything you can imagine and the provided hamper of breakfast supplies kicked off our days perfectly.  The inclusion of local produce (such as the distinctly brilliant Tilba Milk) is a great touch.

Final Thoughts on The Bower

Our stay, although short and somewhat dampened by overcast skies in the region was excellent.  The Bower experience is unique and exclusive, and as such there’s only some many weekend nights available and the rates reflect this.

If you’re serious about taking a break from the “rat race” do a longer mid-week stay and enjoy both the tranquility at The Bower, but also take the time to enjoy the hospitality of the region.

You won’t regret it.