The Inaugural Post… (That’s post 1 to you and me)

Well the idea has been kicking around in my head for a while now, I’ve not really tried this before (Blogging that is) but have been known to post a lot of stuff on my FaceBook and Google+ in the past.  I Twitter’d for a bit too…

But as those sites became harder and harder to keep up with, the constant battle to keep the Geotags under control, or the “Hey why not be friends with your ex” suggestions mean that Google+ is gone, The Twitter bird died and my FaceBook is locked down like a maximum security prison.

Yeah I hear you “But Aaron, anyone can read this!” – Yup they can, and indeed you’re reading it right now.  But that’s because I’m writing things that you are welcome to read, that you’re welcome to share.  The posts from herein may be opinions, facts, or just pure speculation, but they’re mine, and at the time of writing I’m proud enough of them for the world to see.

So welcome aboard and please don’t forget to Share & Like!