The New Year Spiel.




Happy New Year!

I’ve lt the transition to 2014 sink in for about 32 hours before writing this post.  I’ve never really made resolutions or pushed myself to a course of action just because it’s been a new year, however for 2014 I have set myself some activity goals.

  • Temora Aviation Museum –
    Attend one or two of the days.
    These are pretty much fortnightly starting on the 1st of February
  • Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum –
    As one of the few regularly open (non flying) aviation museums within a short drive of Canberra it’s a shame I haven’t visited this sooner.
  • Chryslers on the Murray –
    I last checked the show out in 2011.  The focus for 2014 is on the VH, VH, VJ models which are some of my favourites.  It’s a solid 4 hour haul to get to the show but will be a great opportunity for Celeste to stretch her legs.
  • NSW All Chrysler Day –
    It’s probably been 6 or 7 years sine I went to this show, so it’s about time that I make it happen again.
  • South Coast Nationals –
    Went for the first time last year and thought it was a great show, the setting in Moruya makes it even more worthwhile.
  • Gunning Fireworks Festival –
    After attending in 2013 I’m not sure a year should pass without going.  It’s an awesome display, this year I think the GoPro needs to attend as well.

So there you have it, just a few things I’m hoping to get myself to, starting in a few weeks, it should mean that almost every month there’s a day trip to get some video and photos and generally enjoy.