Build Your Own Formula1 Trip!

Formula1 is Expensive

No, it’s not, if you’ve followed a few of these posts you’ll have seen that I managed to get to the Formula1 in Malaysia for a very small cost, and am repeating again in 2015.

To highlight the low cost I’ve shamelessly “stolen”  one of the Trip-Ideas from TheBookingSpots Reservation Destination suggestions.  While the site is still under development the links do work and provide easy access to price quotes for airfares and accommodation ex-Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra & Darwin).  You’ll still need to add in some tickets which are cheap when bought through Sepang Circuit direct.

If Malaysia isn’t your speed you can check out the costs for the first 6 races of the 2015 Season with the rest to come soon!

Malaysian Formula1 – Sepang International Circuit

27th-29th March 2015

The second race of the 2015 Formula1 season will challenge the durability of the cars in the Malaysian climate.  From searing heat to tropical rains the F1 circus faces it all!

Kuala Lumpur represents one of the most cost-effective races to attend with tickets available directly from Sepang Circuit at great prices, accommodation is plentiful and available to suit every budget.

Our quick search links below will help you find flights and accommodation for the Race, we’ve aimed to have you arrive a day or two before the F1 Friday practice sessions and fly out on the Monday after the race.  Naturally you can adjust these dates to add on some extra time for sightseeing!

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  • Try a Flight & Accommodation Package from Perth with Expedia
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Malaysia 2015: Dates for Formula1 Set

Since taking the time to book my ticket through I’ve been watching for further deals and trying to get ideas together for what to do when I’m not at the Formula1.  It’s been a while so I figure it’s time for an update on where my plans are at.

Caterham Formula1 2014 Malaysia
Formula1 2014 – Malaysia Caterham

Formula1 Race Dates Announced:

The sticking point to further plans was the lack of a set date for the Malaysian Formula1 race.  Yesterday this was finally listed on as being the 27th to 29th of March 2015!

Other News:

What else has happened?  Well One of my flights has been changed by the airline, resulting in re-issuing of my ticket.  A process that’s gone smoothly enough, and I’m reasonably certain it won’t be the last change.

Next Steps:

I’ve yet to book accommodation, the next step is really for Tickets to go on sale!  I’ll book my tickets with Sepang Circuit directly when they’re released.  For the 2014 Formula1 Race this occurred in late October and an excellent early-bird discount was offered.

In 2014 I missed out on the super early bird and instead bought at a 25% discount in January.  I only bought an single ticket, but for 2015 I’ll use the higher discount and get two tickets giving me more flexibility to move around during the race.  (although I may have managed to occupy some other zones during the 2014 race I don’t want to “risk” it again).

Making some other plans!

Legoland Malaysia has opened the Star Wars exhibit and the Kampung Mini-Land so I’m going to have to head back to Johor Bahru for these, but that still leaves me with the need to find other things to do.  Please leave me some suggestions!