All About JaPandas – Where to find Pandas in Japan – Shirahama

By now I’m sure every reader is familiar with my love for the Giant Panda.  So with a trip to Japan coming up it’s only natural that I seek out the Pandas of Japan or JaPandas (I’m pretty sure that’ll stick as a name).

Can’t get to Shirahama?  There’s Pandas at Kobe and Tokyo too!

Pandas in Shirahama / Wakayama

Initially I found it a little odd that despite Japan having a massive number of Giant Pandas in Zoos the majority are held by one park in a more “remote” area of Japan.  To clarify while the Wakayama region is a known domestic tourist location it’s probably not on the itinerary of many foreign tourists.

Wakayama Adventure World is a combination Amusement Part and Zoo in Shirahama that can be easily accessed by Air from Tokyo or by the plentiful Rail and Bus services (typically from Osaka).


Here in Adventure world 8 pandas live healthily. This is the biggest Panda family through the world except for China.(Yuhin left for his parents’ native country, China on June 21, 2004 and Ryuhin & Shuhin left on October 27, 2007, Kohin left on March 15, 2010 to comply with request by China Zoo Association.)  Our Giant Pandas breeding and preservation research program has been bearing fruit steadily in an ideal rearing environment.

A small history of their Pandas can be read here (

The Park is typically open 10:00 to 17:00, and closed on 1-2 Wednesdays per month.  A complete schedule of Hours and dates is maintained online (

Park Fees are very reasonable for the scale.

(Age 18+)
(Age 65+)
(SHS &
Ages 4+)
1Day Pass 4,100yen 3,700yen 3,300yen 2,500yen Entrace to the Park,
Marine Live, Safari on the Kenya Tour.
2Day Pass 7,200yen 6,700yen 5,500yen 3,900yen Valid for any two days
with in a three day period.


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