Saving for early retirement

Saving for early retirement is an alien thought for most people but the story of the GoCurryCracker duo stirred up discussion at water coolers all around the country.

In a previous post I’ve talked about just how having a higher the average income was the key vehicle to retiring in your 30’s and outlined a target of saving AUD6300 a month.  This is based on earning 2.45x the average household income and living with a budget similar to that of an average household.

In this post I’ll look at some strategies to start and maintain the high rate of saving for early retirement.

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Retiring in your 30’s Australian Edition

How hard is retiring in your 30’s?  Really?  Back in February 2016 the Australian press hit upon the GoCurryCracker duo and their success at living the early retirement dream.

Since then my far more financially savvy (and world travelling) colleague and I have been breaking down the story and working out the true critical factors to the GoCurryCracker (GCC) success story.  Sure we may be a little jealous, but we’ve tempered that admiration of a couple who were lucky enough to be in a position to create such a scenario.  The GoCurryCracker Blog is worth reading from the start if only to clear some of the misconceptions from news articles.

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