3+ Months of HelloFresh!

It wasn’t so long ago I was writing about our initial experiences with HelloFresh, the meal kit delivery people.

So perhaps it’s time for an update.

This week marks week 14, we skipped a week by accident, which isn’t hard thanks to the slightly confusing App view where you can pause deliveries.

The meals themselves have worked out well in the most part, if you imagine getting 30+ fixed meals there’s always going to be the one that doesn’t quite match your desires.

However some consistent themes have emerged.


This is tough to judge, they remain easy to follow but, if I’m honest, I’m getting a little tired of the end-result photos being impossible to achieve via the recipe.  All the pictures on this page are of meals I made, and thanks to the magic of the camera look great, but somehow the pictures the HelloFresh team put up just don’t reflect the instructions.  Small thing but it does lower your self esteem a bit when you can’t get a result close to the #FoodPorn they promote.

Generally though they’ve been good, there’s been a few “too hot to handle” and a few “so bland it’s a shoe” but I could probably do some more work to mitigate this myself!


The meat quality is generally good, the chicken while often short dated has never failed to be excellent.  The pork has also been great, with well cut portions and not much fat.

The beef on the other hand tends to always resemble those cuts that the butcher offers as part of the cut price BBQ pack, and tends to be grisly and tough.  Sometimes I’d thought it had had a romantic moment with Edward Scissorhands – if you get Rump steak in your first box it’s likely to not impress much.



I’ve not had to substitute or swap out any bad produce although as I’ve said before aesthetically I’ve been a bit challenged from time to time.  There was that week that seemed to short us around 200g of potatoes but in the execution there wasn’t an issue – besides who needs those empty carbs 😉


We have both been happy with the quality and variety of meals, that said possibly the past few weeks have had a greater degree of “it’s ok” items but here in Australia we are also in the difficult transition from Winter to Summer which really skews the appetite and cooking desires.  

I think the fact that we continue to depend on the service and haven’t run off to Marley Spoon or other competitors says it all.  Although I’m tempted just to try!