Renault Megane RS265 Front Suspension – Parts Diagrams 2

Perfohub upgrades have been done the Megane III’s in various forms.  The easiest method is to simply dismantle a donor Megane III with Cup (Perfohub) suspension and  bolt all the required parts onto the recipient.

In this post I continue the break out of Dialogys diagrams and the part numbers associated with the RenaultSport “Cup” (otherwise known as Perfohub) Mk3 Megane Front Suspension.

While it’s not possible to identify all specific versions and damper/spring combinations of the RS250 / RS265 / RS275 the majority of “hard parts” are common.  I have used a “DZ18” 2013 Mk3 RenaultSport Megane as the sample.  Springs are generally ordered in sets based on a painted colour code.

As with the other pages of part numbers I haven’t included descriptions.

Megane III Perfohub Suspension Part Numbers (Part 2)

RS265 1495-m-32-1010
Index Part Number RS265 Diagram RS265
1 546110033R 1495/M/32/1010
2 546180002R 1495/M/32/1010
3 7703602264 1495/M/32/1010
4 7703034251 1495/M/32/1010
5 7703034251 1495/M/32/1010
6 546120316R 1495/M/32/1010
7 546130001R 1495/M/32/1010
RS265 1495-m-32-3015
Index Part Number RS265 Diagram RS265
1 410019207R 1495/M/32/3015
2 410113693R 1495/M/32/3015
3 411203690R 1495/M/32/3015
4 7701209424 1495/M/32/3015
5 410609317R 1495/M/32/3015
6 8200468227 1495/M/32/3015


RS265 1495-m-31-4015
Index Part Number RS265 Diagram RS265
1 400119927R 1495/M/31/4015
2 400105293R 1495/M/31/4015
3 401330008R 1495/M/31/4015
4 401320005R 1495/M/31/4015
5 555738441R 1495/M/31/4015
6 555728534R 1495/M/31/4015
7 400117258R 1495/M/31/4015
8 400108108R 1495/M/31/4015
9 8200416590 1495/M/31/4015
10 8200468421 1495/M/31/4015
11 402027369R 1495/M/31/4015
12 402060019R 1495/M/31/4015
13 402060019R 1495/M/31/4015
14 7703004176 1495/M/31/4015
15 8200964242 1495/M/31/4015


RS265 1495-m-29-0110
Index Part Number RS265 Diagram RS265
1 391012511R 1495/M/29/0110
2 8200866827 1495/M/29/0110


RS265 1495-m-29-0310
RS265 1495-m-29-0310
Index Part Number RS265 Diagram RS265
1 7701071133 1495/M/29/0310
2 7703066381 1495/M/29/0310
3 8200502735 1495/M/29/0310
4 8201013040 1495/M/29/0310
5 7700112085 1495/M/29/0310
6 7700870056 1495/M/29/0310
7 7703602193 1495/M/29/0310
8 8200866827 1495/M/29/0310

The Parts Lists

On the following linked pages I’ll cover off the parts that make up the Mk3 Megane GT220 and RS265 front suspension packages along with the diagrams from Renault Dialogys.

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  5. Mk3 Megane RS265 Front Suspension Parts – Parts Diagrams 2 (this page)
  6. Parts Common between the GT220 and RS265

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