Building a Dirt Cheap 2-Axis Gimbal for Drones

I needed a small, cheap and simple servo operated 2-axis gimbal for my Quadcopter/Drone build.  Barely large enough to mount a GoPro but suitable for many FPV cameras this solution is achievable for around AUD10.00 Continue reading Building a Dirt Cheap 2-Axis Gimbal for Drones

Quadcopter Propellers: Another Mystery!

When I embarked upon building my own drone I figured I’d have a lot to learn.  I now know more than I did a few weeks ago, and there’s more and more to understand.  This week I’ve learnt a tiny bit about quadcopter propellers! Continue reading Quadcopter Propellers: Another Mystery!

A quick Quadcopter Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started so here’s a quadcopter update.  I’m yet to turn a screw in the assembly process but have started the long hard road of research.  Yes that’s right I’m doing this backwards.  Research started about 10 minutes after I ordered parts and so far I’ve been lucky…  Continue reading A quick Quadcopter Update

Oops! I need more Quadcopter Parts!

Since my order last from HobbyKing last Sunday the quadcopter parts arrived and I started to do more research on my remaining needs to get myself airborne.

Sadly the killer prices of the “Cats and Drones” sale also ended on Monday so I’ve used the week to compose my thoughts and work out the remaining quadcopter parts required. Continue reading Oops! I need more Quadcopter Parts!

More Quadcopter Technology

As you all know I’ve grabbed up the enthusiasm and started to Build a Quadcopter.  In my first post I outlined some current and future requirements – the primary of which was adding the ability to do GPS guided “missions”.

What I didn’t mention was that I’d snuck a little extra quadcopter technology into my shopping cart as it was a great looking deal!

Continue reading More Quadcopter Technology

I’ve decided to build a Quadcopter!

I blame the weather.  It’s time for me to build a quadcopter.  Recently a friend has been talking about picking up a basic quadcopter and learning how to fly.  Naturally with both of us having an interest in these things it stirred my desire to drop expensive electronics from a height as well.


I’ve done a little bit of reading about them over the years, but had resisted until todays overcast weather and a “Raining Cats and Drones Sale” ad came up on the laptop.  Yes it was off to to see what bargains were on offer.

Continue reading I’ve decided to build a Quadcopter!