Renault Megane GT220 Front Suspension – Parts Diagrams 1

Perfohub upgrades have been done the Megane III’s in various forms.  The easiest method is to simply dismantle a donor Megane III with Cup (Perfohub) suspension and  bolt all the required parts onto the recipient.

In this post I talk about the background of the conversion and some of the reasoning behind doing it.

In this post I break out the Dialogys diagrams and the part numbers associated.  I’ve not included the descriptions as anyone doing this conversion should be able to tell a spring from a bolt 🙂

Megane III non-Perfohub Suspension Part Numbers (Part 1)

Dialogys 1495-M-31-0110
Index Part Number Diagram
1 544010579R 1495/M/31/0110
2 7703602185 1495/M/31/0110
3 7703602185 1495/M/31/0110
4 7703602335 1495/M/31/0110
5 7703602335 1495/M/31/0110
6 544F00003R 1495/M/31/0110
7 7703602295 1495/M/31/0110
8 544C50004R 1495/M/31/0110
9 544C40006R 1495/M/31/0110
10 7703602193 1495/M/31/0110
11 7703602193 1495/M/31/0110
12 544640003R 1495/M/31/0110
13 7703602235 1495/M/31/0110
14 7703602235 1495/M/31/0110
15 547271392R 1495/M/31/0110
16 547273347R 1495/M/31/0110
17 8200976877 1495/M/31/0110
18 7703053968 1495/M/31/0110
19 7703053968 1495/M/31/0110


Dialogys 1495-M-31-0217
Dialogys 1495-M-31-0217
Index Part Number Diagram
1 545016101R 1495/M/31/0217
2 545006560R 1495/M/31/0217
3 7703102026 1495/M/31/0217
4 7703102026 1495/M/31/0217
5 7705098191 1495/M/31/0217
6 7705098191 1495/M/31/0217
7 7703101623 1495/M/31/0217
8 7703101623 1495/M/31/0217
9 7703033209 1495/M/31/0217
10 7703033209 1495/M/31/0217
11 7703034281 1495/M/31/0217
12 7703034281 1495/M/31/0217
13 540100134R 1495/M/31/0217
14 540100134R 1495/M/31/0217
15 401330006R 1495/M/31/0217
16 401330006R 1495/M/31/0217
17 544180003R 1495/M/31/0217
18 544180003R 1495/M/31/0217


Dialogys 1495-M-31-3010
Dialogys 1495-M-31-3010
Index Part Number Diagram
1 401609060R 1495/M/31/3010
2 8200624491 1495/M/31/3010
3 7703034247 1495/M/31/3010


Dialogys 1495-M-32-0110
Dialogys 1495-M-32-0110
Index Part Number Diagram
1 543020942R 1495/M/32/0110
2 543020942R 1495/M/32/0110
3 545880001R 1495/M/32/0110
4 7703034212 1495/M/32/0110
5 545880001R 1495/M/32/0110
6 7703034212 1495/M/32/0110


The Parts Lists

On the following linked pages I’ll cover off the parts that make up the Mk3 Megane GT220 and RS265 front suspension packages along with the diagrams from Renault Dialogys.

  1. About the Perfohub transplant
  2. Mk3 Megane GT220 Front Suspension Parts – Parts Diagrams 1 (this page)
  3. Mk3 Megane GT220 Front Suspension Parts – Parts Diagrams 2
  4. Mk3 Megane RS265 Front Suspension Parts – Parts Diagrams 1
  5. Mk3 Megane RS265 Front Suspension Parts – Parts Diagrams 2
  6. Parts Common between the GT220 and RS265

GT220 & RS265 Cooling System Diagrams

Now that I have limited access to Dialogys software I’ve been able to start working through the Parts catalog and establish what the differences are between the RS265 and GT220.  So far as “the Internet” already says they’re the same.

GT220 & RS265 Cooling System Dialogys
GT220 & RS265 Cooling System Dialogys

From the diagram you can see the oil/water heat exchanger and the supplemental coolant pump to circulate water through the turbo under various conditions.  To say the system is complicated is an understatement.

Oil/Water Heat Exchanger Dialogys
Oil/Water Heat Exchanger Dialogys

Over time I’ll get all the diagrams and parts lists working and maybe online.  But his is just a teaser before I get the Perfohub conversion parts lists completed.

How is that going?  well this morning I extracted the diagrams and over 100 part numbers for the “stock” GT220 setup.  It takes quite a while as each part needs to selected individually and transcribed.