GT220 & RS265 Cooling System Diagrams

Now that I have limited access to Dialogys software I’ve been able to start working through the Parts catalog and establish what the differences are between the RS265 and GT220.  So far as “the Internet” already says they’re the same.

GT220 & RS265 Cooling System Dialogys
GT220 & RS265 Cooling System Dialogys

From the diagram you can see the oil/water heat exchanger and the supplemental coolant pump to circulate water through the turbo under various conditions.  To say the system is complicated is an understatement.

Oil/Water Heat Exchanger Dialogys
Oil/Water Heat Exchanger Dialogys

Over time I’ll get all the diagrams and parts lists working and maybe online.  But his is just a teaser before I get the Perfohub conversion parts lists completed.

How is that going?  well this morning I extracted the diagrams and over 100 part numbers for the “stock” GT220 setup.  It takes quite a while as each part needs to selected individually and transcribed.



Renault Megane Perfohub Transplant – About

What is Perfohub?

Perfohub is the magic front suspension design that Renault developed to separate the drive and steering axis of their the Megane RS.  Otherwise decribed as the “Cup” suspension option and usually paired with an LSD and Brembo 4-spot front brakes.

Perfohub Diagram
Perfohub diagram showing major components

Otherwise known as a “double-axis” strut system the basic principle has been used by Ford, Opel and Renault on their pinnacle hot-hatches to resolve some of the negative handling characteristics of hight performance front-wheel-drive systems.

Can Perfohub be retrofitted?

wp3d937a42_06-189x300For buyers of special editions such as the Mk3 Megane GT220 there’s no choice to tick the “Cup” box so we get what Renault provides, a well tuned combination of conventional strut hardware and all that goes along with it.

These pages are the compiled parts lists and technical drawings to show the parts required for retro-fitting the Perfohub suspension, the swap has already been done by other owners – however they have used complete (used) RS265 subframes to achieve the swap.


  • This is not going to be cheap, either using used parts or new parts from Renault.
  • There are a lot of “sundry” items that increase the costs.  Things like wheels with the rather unique RS265 offset.  Standard GT220 wheels will extend at least 15mm out from the body line!
  • You need to address both ends of the car, the conversion will increase the front track of the vehicle and a matching increase should be made to the rear – ie doing the equivalent RS265 parts swap there.
  • The benefit of Perfohub without an LSD can be debated – yes you will get less torque steer, yes you will be able to get better grip and cornering accuracy.  Refer back to the comment about sundry costs.


I’m approaching writing this as the owner of a 2013 Megane GT220, a chassis that already has a lot of RS265 DNA – the brake master cylinder is the same as the Brembo equipped RS265, the gearbox and engine are the same and so on.  If you have a different model you should research further.

The Parts Lists

On the following linked pages I’ll cover off the parts that make up the Mk3 Megane GT220 and RS265 front suspension packages along with the diagrams from Renault Dialogys.

  1. About the Perfohub transplant (this page)
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  6. Parts Common between the GT220 and RS265