HelloFresh – Going Vegetarian!

The HelloFresh Veggie Box Option

I’m a omnivore, no debate, no argument, as far as I’m concerned meats are on the menu!  So then why am I writing about the HelloFresh Veggie Box?  After all didn’t you just see me write about a box containing all the good meaty things?

Well sometimes the magic that is HelloFresh doesn’t offer a mix of recipes to taste and as a customer you may either “Pause” that weeks delivery OR you can switch the order.  For our second week with HelloFresh we switched the order to the Veggie Box.

What’s in the Box?

On first glance the box is almost bursting with vegetables.  The packaging is good enough to have prevented any major damage.  On the freshness and quality front I’d say the produce was good.

The Menu:

Keen Bean Enchiladas

Roasted Stuffed Eggplant

Toasted Waldorf Jumble with Quinoa

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